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Fast, Consistent Documentation

Whether it’s you or an ancillary staff member documenting a patient’s chief complaint, having consistent documentation is critical to the treatment of your patient. Regardless of the patient’s presenting symptoms or conditions, everything is simplified inside OrthoChoice™’s customized workflow. Reduce the risk to your practice with consistent documentation standards.

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Customized Workflow

Whether you’re documenting for an ACL, Trauma injury, Total Joint Replacement or other orthopaedic conditions and procedures, everything is simplified inside OrthoChoice™’s customized workflow. Now you can spend more time with your patients than you do with their charts!

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Patient engagement like you've never seen it.

Increase compliance by offering telehealth visits to your patients. Our fully integrated platform will allow you to start a telehealth visit with the click of a button right inside the patient’s chart. Research shows patients are more likely to attend follow-up appointments and set non-emergent appointments when telehealth is available.

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Prescribing Gets Easier

We know you’re busy. That’s why OrthoChoice™’s simple yet powerful e-prescription process not only looks and feels like a prescription pad, but does so much more! Easily choose from the prepopulated list of prescriptions most often used by orthopaedic providers across the country or select a medication from the expansive list of FDA approved drugs and over-the-counter treatments. Easily prescribe controlled substance(s) necessary for pain management electronically. Providers love how they can prescribe right from their iPhone when on the go.

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Single Source of Data

With OrthoChoice™ eDocument Management, users can upload digital and diagnostic images directly into the patient’s chart. Whether it’s an image from an X-ray or an MRI, users can create a rich file management system with folders and subfolders custom to your practice.

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OrthoChoice_Cash Flow

Streamlined Cash Flow

Eliminate duplicate data entry and missed charges with electronic charge tickets. OrthoChoice™’s billing functionality allows your tickets to become instant claims submitted within minutes of a patient’s visit. Customization is included for DME, therapeutic devices and more.

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